Read below to find out how to make these super easy and fun watercolor Valentine's Cards!
In my opinon, every holiday is a great excuse to make something handmade for literally anyone. Your mom, your spouse, your kid's teacher, the mailman - anyone! Giving something handmad makes the recepient feel extra special because it means you spent your valuable time on making something just for them. A really easy way to do this is by making a handmade card. And they don't have to be some crazy scrapbook-y one with all these stamps and adhesives and papers. Although those style of cards are also super cute!

I've got 3 really easy watercolor cards you can make in a flash with minimal supplies. They are also a great excuse to use that new watercolor set you got for Christmas! Anyone else get one? I totally did and I think my watercolor collection might be getting out of hand (said no one ever!)

Read below to find out how to make each of these super fun and thoughtful cards

1. Off Beat Love

I'm using:

  1. Write out the word you want to use on your card very lightly in pencil. I chose LOVE in quirky lettering. 
  2. Using a paintbrush, paint the masking fluid over your lettering. You don't want a lot, but enough to create a good seal on the paper.
  3. Using a larger paintbrush, wash over the entire card with water. Then add watercolors to the wet paper. Try to use at least 3 complimentary colors, and don't use too much!
  4. While the paper is still wet, sprinkle salt sparingly over a few places. This creates that cool speckled effect!
  5.  Let it dry completely, and brush off the excess salt. Then carefully peel/rub off the masking fluid. Ta da!

2.  Heart Splatter

I'm using:

  1. Using a pencil, draw the outline of a heart. Easy, right?
  2. Cover the entire heart area with water, then add your paint to it. Use a variety of reds & pinks, and a little bit of gold if desired.
  3. While the paint is still wet, use the straw to blow the paint up the card. Add more paint to the heart if needed.
  4. Splatter with gold paint!
  5. Let dry completely.
  6. Once the card is dry, letter a sentiment on the front using the brush pen!

3. Cut & Paste Garden

I'm using:
  • blank note card set
  • Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor set
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • 90 lb watercolor paper, or any cheap paint paper (I'm using one of my kid's pads!)

  1. Using the watercolor paper, paint a couple of rectangles in the colors you'll want for the flowers. I did a rectangle in reds/pinks, purples for the petals, and two different greens for the stems/leaves.

 2. Let the paint dry completely. Next, cut out the flower shapes. I did hearts and a sort of tulip-ish shape, as well as stems and leaves. 
 3. Glue down the pieces to create a wonderful Valentine's Day garden!
Now you have a handful of lovely handmade Valentine's to shower your loved ones with! These cards are so simple to make that they would be a perfect craft to do with your kiddos for their classmates. How fun would the lettering ones be to customize for each of their friends? So cute! I hope you have fun making some thoughtful cards for the peeps in your life.

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Get these free donut tags to share with all your awesome friends on Valentine's Day!
Okay, do you love donuts like I love doughnuts? They're the same thing, but I'm Canadian so we need those extra letters to remind us that these are delicious treats made of fried doUGH. Obvs.

All spelling aside, I am a hardcore doughnut fan. They are part of my life blood and needs for survival I mean - who ISN'T? And this is the first year that my oldest child is in school, which means we're gonna have to do some kind of Valentine's cards for her whole class. I think we'll skip the chocolate with the cards since I know we are still drowning in Christmas chocolate. But doughnuts on V-day? Um, YES please! What kid isn't going to be a happy camper with a donut with their Valentine. None! Not a single child will be disappointed by doughnuts.

These tags are perfect for attaching on to a little bag with a donut hole (or Timbit if you're from up north.) to give to classmates, coworkers, friends and anyone else you think deserves to be reminded that they're totally awesome!

You can download the set of free hand lettered donut tags HERE!

These bad boys are for personal use only, and may not be re-distributed.

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Create your own gallery wall with any of these 33 totally free art printables. Warm up your printer and start filling those frames!
33 Totally Free Modern Art Prints // Fox + Hazel
Like most of the internet, I love a good free printable. I also have what feels like a million picture frames hanging around my house. They need some art in them. I try to buy paintings and fine art prints as much as I can afford (support those artists!), but sometimes my bank account just isn't in the place to support that habit.

So, like any normal person I start looking for free prints to update my frames with. I've rounded up 33 totally free art prints that are more modern and clean, since that is the aesthetic I'm drawn to. Sometimes a good, simple black & white print is all you need.

You can find all the links to download these prints beneath the respective images.
33 Totally Free Modern Art Prints // Fox + Hazel
33 Totally Free Modern Art Prints // Fox + Hazel
33 Totally Free Modern Art Prints // Fox + Hazel
33 Totally Free Modern Art Prints // Fox + Hazel


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Fonts are one of my love languages. I may have an excessive amount of them sitting on my hardrive, waiting to make their debut eventually in a project. There's something especially about hand lettered fonts that I just love. It's an easy way to add a handmade feel to a project, without having to master hand lettering. These all make me think of the wonderful hand lettering videos I may or not be obsessed with watching on IG. This nursing momma has had a lot of couch time lately, haha! 

Here I've gathered up 10 hand lettered fonts I love and can't get enough of - especially that Blueshift font!? Isn't is perfect? It's perfect. I think I might be in love. Don't be surprised if you see it show up in future projects and blog posts! 

Lillypad font // Humblle Rought // Blueshift Font Family // Compass Font // Breathe Font

My favourites of the bunch are definitely Blueshift, Foxhole and Ornette. I love a font that is just a little perfectly imperfect! How cute would they be on a printable, or across a tote bag? I love using writing like Blueshift and Foxhole in my art journaling. If you're not much of a hand letterer, then these fonts are the perfect way to fake it, he he. Are there some hand lettered fonts that you just can't get enough of? Please enable my font addiction by sharing in the comments! This is one habit that it's okay to support - even if my hard drive is looking a little full...