I'm still on that tropical leaf kick  - and I don't see myself slowing down! Ha! If you could see my house you'd also see my 15+ houseplants crowding my kitchen. I love, love, love house plants. However, my house is not well suited for them as we only have two windows that get enough good light. If I had more light-filled windows, I'd probably have twice as many plants taking over each room. 

There's just something so refreshing and homey about having plants in your space. So if you just don't have the actual space, or can't keep a plant alive (jury's still out on whether my thumb is green or black), then these tropical leaf prints can be a great way to bring the green to your home. I've rounded up some of the best I could find, and hopefully they inspire you to bring some plant vibes to your home!
free tropical leaf art print

black and white // fern // monstera // palm pattern // moody leaves // watercolor

free tropical leaf art print

monstera // pattern // vintage // banana leaf // fronds // heart

free tropical leaf art print

watercolor // photo // monstera // vintage // many monstera // palm // fern

free tropical leaf art print

pink palm // pattern // single leaf // mono print // vintage

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Free tropical printable party invitations
School's almost out, which means it's time for some summer parties! My kiddos still have 3 weeks to go, but I am so ready for school to be DONE. Ya feel me? I'm ready for no more morning rushes, volunteering or packing food. Over it!

I made this free tropical invitation to get you in the summer mood for any party you're throwing! How great would a luau be for a year end pool party?! Or an adult party complete with some sangria and margaritas? I'm there in a hot minute, just let me grab my swimsuit! I am loving the tropical phase that everything is going through right now, and it's making me want palm fronds and orchids on everything. So of course I had to whip something up to share and assist in dreaming of having a pool to dip in.

These tropical invitations are 5"x7" and print two on a page. Just print at actual size and cut them out! Bam. Done. Now you can get to drinking sangria again. You're welcome! (Cue the Moana soundtrack... "you're welcommmme!" (Sorry, I'm not sorry.))
Free tropical printable party invitations

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Free tropical printable party invitations

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Free Palm Leaf Printable - Fox + Hazel
Let's all give three cheers for the fresh & light decor that summer time brings. When the world is green outside it jsut makes me want to buy all. the. plants. Next on my list is DEFINITELY a monstera! Just send me green thumb vibes to make sure I don't kill it, okay? My reputations around here isn't great with plants...

However, at least this free tropical leaf printable is impossible to kill and still brings some summery fresh vibes in the house. When I was growing up we had a palm tree in our living room, and it eventually grew into a monstrosity. One that we ended up giving away when we moved because it was just too big for our house! I dream of having my own palm tree some day (preferably when my kids are old enough to stay out of the dirt!) Until then, this free tropical leaf printable will have to satisfy that desire!
Free Palm Leaf Printable - Fox + Hazel

Download your Free Palm Leaf Printable HERE!

Free Palm Leaf Printable - Fox + Hazel
To make this tropical printable, I used some totally gorgeous watercolor textures from the latest Design Cuts bundle. The Ombre Bundle by GraphicRain has so many lovely textures to play with, and you can find them and a ton more goodies in The Comprehensive Texture & Patterns Collection!


I am really pleased to be sharing my first post as a member of the StencilGirl Creative Team today! You can see this entire page created from start to finish in a video over on the StencilGirl blog. Bonus: you get to hear my Canadian accent (that doesn't exist, but everyone insists does!) 
I created this bright & happy page with some of their amazing floral stencils, and of course had to incorporate some neon into the mix. Now that summer is pretty much here, I am a much happier human! I talk about the weather a lot (I am Canadian after all) but it affects my mood and motivation so much. What better to capture that happy & cheery feeling than a cheery page?

Head to StencilGirl to see the entire process!

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