free floral desktop wallpaper
This set of free floral tech wallpapers come after many a months of humming and hawing over the daunting task of learning how to use Illustrator.  I finally took some time last month to start. I've been using Photoshop for over 10 years now, but Illustrator was a whole other animal I was equally drawn to and avoiding. I spent some time vectorizing these flower illustrations I drew and had a lot of fun making them into a pattern! All this to say that you can grab this floral illustration wallpaper for your desktop, iPad and phone!
free floral ipad wallpaper

free floral iphone wallpaper

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If you just can't get enough of this floral pattern I drew, then you'll be pleased as punch to know you can also download a free set of bookmarks from Inkstruck Studio too!

free floral printable bookmarks

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Flowers are timeless when creating in art journals, with hand lettering, in your planner, literally anywhere. There's been a huge shift towards line drawing and specifically line art flowers. This makes for some easy flower drawings, and I love the look so much that I typically include flowers of some fashion in most of my work! You can try out on your own, but having a guide to show you the basics can be incredibly helpful. These are some books that I have come across that show you some easy flower drawings and recommend if you want to dip your toes in the waters of floral line art!
Flordabunda Style: To Color, Craft & Draw - This book is bursting with a million ideas and steps how to create some simple and cute flower designs. It also has some coloring pages, and works within the concepts of zentangle (if you're into that!)

Modern Florals - The cover speaks for itself, and I promise the inside of Modern Florals is just as gorgeous. It's a best seller right now and it is easy to see why. The instructions are clear, easy to follow, and result in some seriously beautiful flowers!

Botanical Line Drawing - I recently picked this up and am already head over heels for the simple illustrations and the wide diversity in the book. Each section is divided by type (flowers, leaves, branches, etc) and each step is easy to follow. There's a practice area on each page under the steps so you can give it a go without needing a sketchbook. 
Star, Branch, Spiral, Fan - At first glance, this book looks like it has nothing to do with flowers; however the concepts inside are around using four basic structures that you can make anything in nature with. This extends to flowers, branches, and allows you to develop your own whimisical style.

Imagine a Forest - The black cover on this already had me swooning before I even opened the cover. Fans of folk art like myself will love the step by step color pictures showing how to create whimsical floral that have a distinct Scandinavian design. There's also project and design ideas on how to use your illustrations on every day items.

20 Ways to Draw a Tulip and 44 Other Fabulous Flowers - I originally picked this book up a couple years ago and haven't put it down since! Lisa Congdon's style is so distinct, and through this book she has a million ideas on how to draw a wide range of flowers. The are simple but endearing and can be a great starting point for developing your own style. I personally recommend it as I believe you get a great amount of ideas and inspiration for a good price!
Florabunda Basics - Another fabulous book by Suzanne McNeill that has over 200 designs for you to use as inspiration. Included are chapters on project ideas and the best materials to use for drawing. It is just packed full of enthusiasm from the author and totally had my head spinning with ideas when I opened it

Draw 500 Fabulous Flowers - This  little chunky travel friendly book is a great resource for floral inspiration. It doesn't have much room for sketching in it, but it serves as a great source of ideas and direction for a variety of drawing styles. It's a great companion to any other drawing books!

Draw 50 Flowers, Trees and Other Plants - If you are looking for a book  that has a more detailed and realistic style to drawing florals, I recommend this book. The author covers everything from flowers to pineapples to branches and everything in between. Each sketched step by step page shows you how to achieve a detailed line drawing. It's also a great price at under $10, and would be a great addition to a resource collection.
20 Ways to Draw a Tree and 44 Other Nifty Things from Nature - Another book from Quarry, but these books are just so good and full of so many ideas. This one is great if you want more than just flowers, as it covers trees, mushrooms, branches, animals, feathers, etc and a whole lot more nature stuff. Every page is full of ideas and has lots of room to sketch in so you can practice.

The Botanical Hand Lettering Workbook - I also love hand lettering and this book serves double duty as it covers hand lettering and floral drawing in it. It is thorough in showing different lettering styles, drawing florals and how to combine them into some really stunning pieces of work. The style is much more loose, sketchy and whimsical - which is what I love about it!

Illustration School: Let's Draw Plants and Small Creatures - This book shows you how to create cute flowers and plants, but also some super adorable plant/animal characters. Her instruction style has step by step photos, and then a sort of "fill it in" page where you complete her drawing with the steps you just learned. It's really fun to do, and is a great book for beginners!


win a copy of Art Journaling magazine
I have been waiting months, literally months, to share this exciting news on here. About 5 months ago, I was asked to submit some of my work to Art Journaling Magazine with the possibility of a feature being written. I knew immediately that I wanted to submit my project, A Tiny Series: A Year of Petite Art Journals. It was my year long project that I was most proud of and wanted to share. I wrapped up all my precious journals and shipped them off to California in hopes they would make the cut,

Fast forward to a couple months later when I got the news that I had been chosen for a featured article! Ah! I wrote my article, sent it back, and waited some more. When I got the proof article back I was shocked - it was a 10 page spread!! What!? Totally not at all what I was expecting, and I may have cried a few happy tears.  And now the magazine is finally printed, in distribution and out for the world to see. Adding "Published artist" to my resume has been a dream I've been working on for a long time, and to see that dream come to fruition is just another kind of amazing. I'm so proud of my body of work for A Tiny Series, and getting to share it with a wider audience has been such a trip. Seeing my name up there on the cover is even more surreal!

Here are a couple snippets from the article that I couldn't resist sharing.
win a copy of Art Journaling magazinewin a copy of Art Journaling magazinewin a copy of Art Journaling magazine

The very best part is that I'd love to gift not one but TWO copies of Art Journaling Magazine to some fellow artists out there. 

win a copy of Art Journaling magazine

You can enter to win one of two copies of Art Journaling Magazine by leaving a comment below telling me what one of your lifelong dreams are? What do you dream and hope about? I'd love to hear it.

The giveaway will close August 2 at 11:59 PM MST. This is only open to US and Canadian residents. I will email the winner at the address left with the comment. If the winner does not claim their copy within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

Want another chance to win? Head over to Instagram and comment on my post there as well!


diy painted moleskine notebook art journal cover
Last month I had the most perfect meet up with Lauren, the travelling artistic wonder of Lauren Likes and 1/2 of the awesome art journaling community, Get Messy Art Journal! She was in my part of the world with her husband and parents, off on a Canadian adventure. Luckily we were able to grab dinner with them before they set out the following day, and it was so fun to finally meet Lauren in person! We've been cyber friends for a couple of years, and have chatted online and through Skype, but with me being in Canada and her being in Korea - a meetup was a distant dream. The internet is full of so much potential, and I have been so so lucky to have met some wonderful women artists who just get me and totally feed my soul. Because Lauren and her family were in town for such a short time, we weren't able to get any art time in. So in lieu of that I decided to make her this Moleskine notebook to commemorate our meetup!
diy painted moleskine notebook art journal cover
I used a Moleskine Notebook Cahier X Large with kraft covers, which are my favourite on these journals! They look great plain, but also lend themselves really well to being decorated and painted like I've done here.
diy painted moleskine notebook art journal coverdiy painted moleskine notebook art journal cover
After I was finished painting, I used a Soft Touch Varnish by Deco Art Media to seal the covers and protect them from future use. I also decided to add some more art to the back inside, where there's a handy pocket!
diy painted moleskine notebook art journal cover
I also snuck in some extra goodies, which were a few of the stickers from this set of digital collage sheets on the blog and a painted envelope that I added after. The back pocket in these journals are genius for keeping extra bits and pieces in to use in your journal pages.
diy painted moleskine notebook art journal cover
Here is both the covers together! I actually painted them as one whole cohesive painting, and just added the super wide washi tape over the spine last. I got this tape off Aliexpress (my greatest resource for cheap art supplies, and also my nemesis because it's always a gamble as to when you'll get your order.) It's probably my new favourite supply to use in my journals. I love me a grid!

Do you decorate your art journal covers?! I actually never paint on my own, mostly because I have this weird phobia of committing the entire journal to one theme/vibe. I figure if I leave it blank then I can do whatever it is I want! How do you feel about journal covers? Tell me in the comments!

diy painted moleskine notebook art journal cover