Fox & Hazel - Tiny Art Journal #8
Here we are with #8 in my year long project of petite art journals! This post is belated, as well as this art journal. I had great intentions in August to keep on track with A Tiny Series, but life happens as we all know. Fast forward a couple months later and here we are.

All the journals so far this year have been a challenge to work on, but in August I decided to really challenge myself. I made my smallest journal to date - just 1"x 1" big. Guys, it's TINY. So tiny.
Here it is next to a pen for reference. I loved the challenge of working this tiny. To mix things up even more, I went with a limited palette of white, black, metallics and kraft brown. The content is a mix of whatever I was feeling at the moment.

You can scroll down to see the petite journal in it's entirety. 
Fox & Hazel - Tiny Art Journal #8Fox & Hazel - Tiny Art Journal #8Fox & Hazel - Tiny Art Journal #8Fox & Hazel - Tiny Art Journal #8Fox & Hazel - Tiny Art Journal #8Fox & Hazel - Tiny Art Journal #8Fox & Hazel - Tiny Art Journal #8Fox & Hazel - Tiny Art Journal #8
A lot of friends and readers who have been following this journey have commented that they've been inspired to try tiny art journals. Working in a format outside your comfort zone is equally stressful and exciting. Many of my art journals are still "standard" size, and I work in them frequently. However, this project of creating art so tiny has also really opened my eyes to the beauty of working within restrictions. It pushes me to consider my materials, images and end results a lot more.

Have you tried working in a tiny format yet? If so, please share in the comments! I am always keen to see other people's work and would love others to see more tiny journals!

Fox & Hazel - Free Autumn Art Print
It's officially fall here, which I am equally happy and sad about. I really like fall, with the cooler weather and beautiful colours - but I also know it's just a lead up to winter, which I hate. So while I enjoy the beauty and crunchy leaves, it's all a little bittersweet!

To help usher in the fall season, I've created this free print for you all! It's the perfect way to bring the gorgeous outdoors colours into your home. And savour the fall season before Halloween takes over, amirite?
Fox & Hazel - Free Autumn Art Print

To download your free print:

  1. Click on the image below. You'll be directed to download a PDF.
  2. Print at home on a colour printer, or take to a print shop.
  3. Trim along the crop marks in each corner
  4. Put it in a frame, tape it to the wall with washi tape, or hang it on a bulletin board!

Fox & Hazel - Free Autumn Art Print

Now that you've got your free print, you can head over to the Inkstruck Studio blog to get ANOTHER free art print. Since I love you guys just that much. When you go there, you'll be able to download the print below for free as well!

Fox & Hazel - Free Autumn Art Print

Enjoy decorating your homes for the fall season! I love seeing my art in people's home (maybe a little narcissistic, but there's something really satisfying about it!), so please feel free to tag me on Instagram and share your decor with me. It'd make my day!

Free Floral Skull Printable / Fox & Hazel
Has anyone felt like it's been Halloween season for like a month already? Every store I go to has had it's Halloween decor out for ages, even so much so that they've started putting out Christmas decor. WHAT. I can't handle it. I can't shop for tree ornaments 3 weeks before I've bought Halloween candy.

At least now it's actually October, so I can handle the spooky decorations and orange everything starting to ramp up. My kids are still quite young so we don't do a ton of decorating for holidays (also because I can't be bothered!) However, I do like to change out the art work in my gallery walls to make them seasonal. I like a little bit of spook with a little bit of lovely, so I painted this sweet skull to capture both. I've made it into a free watercolor printable for you guys too so you can add to your walls!
Free Floral Skull Printable / Fox & Hazel

How to use your new floral skull printable:

  1. Download here and save
  2. Print at home in colour or take to local print shop.
  3. Trim art work down to 8x10 size
  4. Put in a frame, tape to the walls, or pin on a bulletin board!
If you're looking for something just a liiiiiiiittle bit spookier, you can find three more printables over at Dawn Nicole Designs™ to get your house ready for Halloween! Just click on the image below to head over and get them!

Free Floral Skull Printable / Fox & Hazel

I would love to see these prints in action, so please share on Instagram and tag me! It's always a kick to see my printables in the homes of people. Also, show me your Halloween decor so I can get some ideas - I'm the worst at decorating for anything but Christmas! Share your decor, teach me your ways. I'll love you forever.

Fox & Hazel // Get Messy x Malala Art Magazine
Guys, I am beyond excited to share this post with you today.

Some of you know that I'm part of one killer art journaling community, Get Messy, and this group of amazingly talented women artists can do some cool stuff when we all come together for a cause.

A project we started nearly a year ago (what!) is creating art magazines with the intent to raise money for different charities we feel lead to support. Last year we did one for the UNHCR during the refugee crisis, and another for the World Wildlife Fund to support conservation efforts. We love using our art to benefit causes that are fighting every day to make a difference.

The latest edition is probably the one I am most excited about. We decided to create a magazine with all profits going directly to The Malala Fund, an organization created in Malala Yousafzai's name that is dedicated to providing girl's across the globe get access to 12 years of quality education. There are over 66 million girls missing from classrooms around the world! 31 million of those girls are primary school aged - and they'll likely never get a chance to enter a schoolroom.
Fox & Hazel // Get Messy x Malala Art Magazine
I encourage you to support girl's education, because without educating girls we are holding back half the population. As a mother to two girls I can't imagine them not being allowed to attend school simply because of their gender. To imagine that they would never see a book, learn to read, have a chance to open their minds to everything that is occurring in the world. No girl should be denied that right.

You can click through the link below to order a copy for you, your sister, your best friend, literally anyone you want. The magazine is premium quality, and features 15 women artists from around the world - all whom were lucky enough to be born in countries that allow girl's access to an education. I'd love for you support this cause, and support female intelligence around the world.

And lastly, before you go, just remember:
Fox & Hazel: Floral Girl Power Quote