Woodland Baby Inspiration

Jason and I are going for an ultrasound this Friday and we are planning on finding out the gender of our little one. I know lots of people who wanted to be surprised at the delivery, but frankly we are too much of A-type personalities to not know before the baby arrives. We also like to work with our hands, and we already of ideas of things we'd like to make for the nursery.

I have a "feeling" that it's going to be a boy. For some reason it just seems like we would have a boy first. I've been pinning stuff like crazy for the nursery and I really like the idea of a woodland theme for a boy. Here's some great looking stuff I came across.

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  1. I agree ... I'm feeling "boy" vibes too. Hope that baby's in a good position to tell the gender when you go for your ultrasound :) Love the baby room theme. Adorable!


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