As everyone knows, I'm expecting my baby girl in approximately 20 days (depending on when she feels like arriving). Isn't that a bit crazy? Only 30 at the most and I'll be holding my girl in my arms. It's a bit mind-blowing!

Due to her arrival, my blogging is probably going to be a bit spotty here. I've been trying to prep for her arrival by making meals to freeze, getting the nursery completed, and also doing the day-to-day house stuff. Normally I can balance everything without too much trouble but my pregnancy brain/body is making this more difficult. I'll still be posting on here regularly, however it may just be a few times a week instead of the 5 times I've been trying to maintain. I haven't abandoned you! I don't plan on letting this blog die or fizzle from my baby girl's arrival. It's something I love to do and I am loving the community that's come with it. I'm just a bit swamped/overwhelmed with all that I feel still needs to be done before I can feel "ready" to have our baby. The weeks after her arrival will likely be a bit of a toss up too while I'm trying to find the new balance between everything.

To make up for this, I'll give you a sneak peek of our maternity photos we had done last week! I'm hoping to share them with you next week once I get them back from the photographer! =) I'm super excited for them - Kelsey was the best!

[the quality isn't so hot because I swiped it off Facebook ;)]

Thanks for sticking by me as Jason and I start this crazy journey into being parents! It's still super surreal that we're going to be Mommy & Daddy. Ah!


  1. That's great that you're able to prep before baby girl arrives. My boy came eight weeks early, which blew all my prep plans out of the water. Don't feel the need to post more than you are able, we'll still be here to hear about your new angel.

    1. Oh wow 8 weeks is definitely early! My bro-in-law was that early as well, I can only imagine how unprepared I'd feel if it were me.

  2. You two are gonna be GREAT parents!!!


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