My Chalkboard

I got a chalkboard a few weeks ago to hang in our kitchen area. It's been hanging there so empty & just waiting to be drawn on. Just before the weekend I took advantage of one of Libby's naps and sat down to fill it in. I wanted something that was Valentine's Day related, but honestly couldn't find or think of anything I really wanted on there. I browsed the internet (for like an hour) for some inspiration and decided to just fill in the top & bottom with some plant-like doodles. I like how it turned out. Having a space where I can change up the art work whenever I feel like it is kind of nice.

Here's a (not great) picture of where it's hanging in our house. It's right in the hub of our home so I get to see it whenever I walk on by.

Do you have a chalkboard somewhere in your home? What do you use it for? I've heard some people use it for grocery lists, chore charts, menus. It's really versatile - I can't wait to find new ways to use mine!

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