Why I Kind Of Like This Time

So often I hear people ragging on how this era in time is lame, or why our generation sucks (which, I most often agree with) and what have you. There's a lot of this "back in the day" nostalgia that floats around for a time when most of us weren't born yet. Possibly not even our parents were born yet. That's all find and dandy but we like to think things were simpler & easier then, when in actuality the world dealt with things like segregation, the Vietnam war, two World Wars, insane mortgage rats (at least it was that way here in Canada), not talking about controversial topics and a lack of women's presence in society. We too often look at past eras with all sunshine & glitter like they were some glamorous times that we missed out on.

Now you need to know that in a number of ways I'm really not a fan of society & the world now. I don't feel like writing about why I have no faith in humanity because that's just a can of worms I don't feel like opening up right now. Instead, I want to tell you all the reasons why I like our world now even they are fewer than why I don't like it.

1. Technology - I love the advancement of cell phones, computers, etc. We are able to find information in less than 10 seconds, connect with people all over the world and stay up to date with current events shockingly fast. 50 or 60 years ago none of this would be possible, and I'm really thankful that I live in an age where technology is user-friendly, widely accessible and makes our lives easier (most of the time!)

2. Access to world cuisine. I'm an inner foodie at heart which means we like to eat other cuisines on a regular basis. Some of our favorite things to eat are Vietnamese pho, bubble tea, Ethiopian dishes, and more. My parents generation didn't have access to these foods simply because they weren't commonplace at the time. I love how different ethnic foods are encouraged and celebrated! I'm glad that my diet has a lot of variety from all over the world, and I will be able to raise my kids eating these awesome foods. 

3. Awareness & acknowledging issues. I feel like although we aren't even close to solving any national issues, but we are better at recognizing them as a whole and making efforts to resolve them. I'm not saying there weren't activist groups or awareness campaigns in previous generations - there totally were some groups that made huge differences in how society functions. I'm more talking about addressing things like teen pregnancy, bullying, gay rights, teen suicide, divorce, etc. There is a slippery slope with all these topics but at the end of the day, these topics are being addressed and discussed on a national level. I love that we are willing as a society to be more transparent about our transgressions (to an extent) and are wanting to correct them. 

4. Having a world view. Or just being more aware of the rest of the world. This ties into the first & second point, but I really feel like we are so much more lucky to be more informed & aware of world issues that affect people. With the boom of communication technology comes the ability to educate ourselves about current world affairs and break out of our "comfort zone". Not all people choose to do this, but I myself am incredibly thankful that I know about other countries issues or struggles, and am in a position where I can choose to try and help out.

5. Travel. We are a much more well-traveled society than ones previous & we should be very thankful for that. It's almost expected now for a young person to go travel and "find themselves", when in past eras traveling was reserved for those that could afford the luxury. Most of my grandparents travelling was because of the Second World War. My grandfather saw Europe in trenches. Now, we have young adults seeing Europe from a hotel. Despite my negative feelings about my generation + travel (it's a privilege, not a friggin' right people) I am thankful that it's more affordable and widely done. It ties into the aforementioned ability to access the rest of the world.

What are some reasons you're thankful for this time in history that we live in? Normally I'm pretty cynical about society & where we are, but I remind myself that there is some good in the world still. There is a silver lining to what I feel is a dark time, and I should be more thankful for the world around us. What are you thankful for?