The Adventurous Life with Anne The Adventurer

I'm so pleased to have Anne, a sweet sponsor and blogging friend share her heart with you today. Her site, Anne the Adventurer, is one of my favourite daily reads! Girl is an amazing writer & her posts are always so inspiring and thought provoking. I'm so glad she's here to share with you!

The world is a wonder all around me today. The bluebird sky, the hopeful green, the rushing creek outside my window. It seems that everything has suddenly come alive at once, buzzing and ready for action. Sometimes I think that I need to be more - more adventurous, more willing, more active. But then days like today remind me that I am just enough, and that the natural beauty all around me is ready to accept me as I am. Everyday, it is unfailing.

A lot of people think that I write a travel blog. I am Anne the Adventurer, after all. I do like to travel, but I am not classically adventurous. I hate being dirty, and I’m not very flexible. I have literally been dragged, grimace on my face, heels grinding along the sand, into the ocean - I’m afraid of and/or nervous about a lot of things.

But I crave adventure. It’s more of a state of mind for me. I need to feel and discover and roam. Sometimes, it is by foot or in a car or plane. But most times, it’s at my desk or on my back porch through books and conversation and my own writing. It is about being intentionalIt’s asking myself every single day, What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? (Love me some Mary Oliver)

I am a person in transition. So are you. We are always changing, and meeting new challenges and opportunities. What is important is the attitude with which we approach them. Will we accept change with open arms or anxiously try to control it? Or will we try, everyday, with as much will and strength that we can muster to see the beauty in the unexpected?

Join me as I search for these answers. You can find me on my blog, Anne the Adventurer, and on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram

You and me, we’re the same. We’re just trying to live life the best we can, with beauty and substance and grace. Let’s do this together.