A Collection

It's been a while (if anyone out there is even reading this blog anymore!?). How's it going? How's life? What's new?

Let's cut to the chase already.

I'm not blogging anymore. I don't plan to. As much as I love writing my opinions and thoughts, I really love art and creating and all that stuff more. So, I'm putting my time in there.

Hence, why I'm on here, actually. I want a space to compile my works, specifically my art journal pages to share with the Get Messy group. I instagram my pages, but I want somewhere more organized and independent of all my other pictures I share. I plan to still share on IG, since that's my main social media account, but this will be a dedicated space for these kinds of pictures. I may end up throwing more  art stuff in here, but overall it's mainly to share my journal pages.

So, to catch up...

The first set of prompts are aptly named "Season of Love" for the month of February. It's been a few years since I've done any art journalling, and by luck I won a giveaway for a membership for the Get Messy community. It was the perfect push to start creating more art on a regular, consistent basis. So here's the first two weeks of my entries.

Week 1// 

One of my new year goals/resolutions/whatever is to learn calligraphy. I got a pen with some nibs for Christmas, so I've been dabbling in it a lot recently. It was excellent practice creating the background for this page.

There's going to be a LOT of watercolours in my pages. I actually looked back at some old pages of mine, and they are so much darker and more aggressive than the things I'm creating now. Apparently, I had a lot of feelings then. Well, to be fair, those pages are from my first year of marriage and I was struggling with unmedicated/untreated depression. So, my dark angry pages were pretty accurate.

Anyways... onto happier pages.

Week 2//

My favourite part is the old couple smooching. I embellished it with some acrylic, watercolor and ink and am still pretty pleased with how it turned out.

So far, this is my favourite page I've created. It's a lot less busy, but still visually interesting. The writing is a verse from A White Demon Love Song by The Killers, which is a song I quite like. Yes, it's from a Twilight soundtrack - don't judge me! Bad movies can have good music.

Hopefully I'll have this week's pages to share soon. If you're reading this, please feel free to comment and say hi! I'm always keen to connect with people & chitchat.