Get Messy Lists // Week 1

One of my favourite feelings is how excited and refreshed I feel when a new season of Get Messy starts. It's a new challenge, new ideas, and lot's of fun with all my messy friends. The breaks in between are necessary for me, as I have so much going on most of the time that I use the breaks to catch up on other things.

This season is a mash up with the 30 Days of Lists crew, which is a whole new world to me. I've seen the listers on IG a lot, but it was never my "thing" since I struggle to stay with things for a whole 30 days (which is ironic considering I launched my own 30 day challenge.) 

I made myself a small journal this season, it's about 4"x7" and made of an old paper grocery bag.
It's not huge, about 4"x7". I'm really in love with the cover, and the string & button closure! I was pretty pleased with myself for thinking that up, haha.

My first pages are, in my opinion, ROUGH. I admittedly wasn't super focused on these pages and developing any deep pages, so the end result it a bit sloppy and choppy. I'm hoping future pages will be more cohesive and just generally nicer looking. The texture of the paper bag is very rough, which I love, but also means that the over theme/feel of the journal is going to be pretty grungy - which I love!

Here are my first set of prompts for the season:

My writing became pretty well illegible on a lot of these pages, especially this one page. So, to help you out, the lessons I've learned are:
- share your feelings
- being right can suck
- opinons not needed

That's a wrap on the first week! I'll be sharing every Friday this season as part of the Get Messy Habit commitment. I sign up for it every season, and it is a major reason why I am always creating on a consistent basis. 

Want to know more about Get Messy? You can head here to find out more about the posse, the program and how amazing it all is together!

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