10 Brush Letter Fonts I Love

Hi, my name is Torrie and I'm a font addict. I want to be cool and pretend like I'm totally not, but the 2.5 GB of fonts sitting on my hard drive are saying otherwise! Like as I'm writing this post, I just downloaded 3 more new fonts. Eek!

Let's be real here - a great font is amazing! Especially a brush font that makes you feel artsy and craftsy when you're creating. I love a good brush lettering font, and these are 10 that I use over & over again in my work. They're versatile and add a bit of handmade flair to your designs.

So, come clean - are you a font addict too? I know you're out there! This is a safe space for all the typeface lovers out there. I support your addiction. Just don't curse me if you end up with one of these lovely brush fonts in your collection! 

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