10 Hand Lettered Fonts I Love

Fonts are one of my love languages. I may have an excessive amount of them sitting on my hardrive, waiting to make their debut eventually in a project. There's something especially about hand lettered fonts that I just love. It's an easy way to add a handmade feel to a project, without having to master hand lettering. These all make me think of the wonderful hand lettering videos I may or not be obsessed with watching on IG. This nursing momma has had a lot of couch time lately, haha! 

Here I've gathered up 10 hand lettered fonts I love and can't get enough of - especially that Blueshift font!? Isn't is perfect? It's perfect. I think I might be in love. Don't be surprised if you see it show up in future projects and blog posts! 

Lillypad font // Humblle Rought // Blueshift Font Family // Compass Font // Breathe Font

My favourites of the bunch are definitely Blueshift, Foxhole and Ornette. I love a font that is just a little perfectly imperfect! How cute would they be on a printable, or across a tote bag? I love using writing like Blueshift and Foxhole in my art journaling. If you're not much of a hand letterer, then these fonts are the perfect way to fake it, he he. Are there some hand lettered fonts that you just can't get enough of? Please enable my font addiction by sharing in the comments! This is one habit that it's okay to support - even if my hard drive is looking a little full...

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