25 Free Tropical Leaf Prints

I'm still on that tropical leaf kick  - and I don't see myself slowing down! Ha! If you could see my house you'd also see my 15+ houseplants crowding my kitchen. I love, love, love house plants. However, my house is not well suited for them as we only have two windows that get enough good light. If I had more light-filled windows, I'd probably have twice as many plants taking over each room. It's also just the time of year that I get an itch to freshen things up and do a bit of redecorating. I've had my eye on some curtains for my living room, since I'm really not loving out current ones. The modern prints are minimal and a clean backdrop for the jungle vibes I'm trying to create!

There's just something so refreshing and homey about having plants in your space. So if you just don't have the actual space, or can't keep a plant alive (jury's still out on whether my thumb is green or black), then these tropical leaf prints can be a great way to bring the green to your home. I've rounded up some of the best I could find, and hopefully they inspire you to bring some plant vibes to your home!
free tropical leaf art print

black and white // fern // monstera // palm pattern // moody leaves // watercolor

free tropical leaf art print

monstera // pattern // vintage // banana leaf // fronds // heart

free tropical leaf art print

watercolor // photo // monstera // vintage // many monstera // palm // fern

free tropical leaf art print

pink palm // pattern // single leaf // mono print // vintage

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