24 Before 24: Get a Plant (and don’t kill it!)

June 6, 2013

One of my 24 Before 24 goals for this year was to get a house plant and NOT kill it.

If you know me in real life, you’ll know that I am not a natural plant whisperer. In fact, most of the time I’m a whisperer of death when it comes to living plants. It started after I got married and Jason bought me a poinsettia our first Christmas. Which he placed on the highest shelf in our kitchen where it was forgotten about. 3 weeks later he announces that I’ve killed the poinsettia and I’m a plant killer.

Throughout the last 3 years of our marriage it’s been a constant joke about how I can’t take care of plants because I completely forget to care about them. And this is true – I forget they need important things like water and sunshine. So they meet their demise sooner than later and become shriveled up plant mummies. Jason discovers the dry corpse and proceeds to remind me how I’m a plant killer, while throwing the forgotten plant in the garbage. Meanwhile, I am insisting the entire time that I am NOT a plant killer – I just forgot it needed to be watered, or that we had it still. Those were perfectly reasonable obstacles that prevented me from caring for that darn orchid.

I was determined this year to prove that I could care for a plant without Jason needing to remind me. So for Valentine’s Day I asked for potted plants. Specifically a succulent because a) I’m a blogger, clearly I needed one and b) they’re hard to kill. Jason was interested by my new goal and bought me two different succulent/cacti arrangements for me to start with.

Fast forward 4 months. Not only are those plants still alive & kicking, our house has become overrun with house plants now. Since then I’ve added two more succulents, another cactus arrangement, a large yellow begonia in addition to the orchid and mysterious shrub I already owned.

That has brought us to a total of nine indoor plants. Once I started getting plants, I couldn’t stop with just the indoor ones. No, I mean I was mastering this plant care thing so obviously outdoor plants would be a breeze! Our front step now has two large pots of violas, two small pots of violas, two hanging baskets and one large pot with cilantro, basil, rosemary and chives in it.

Yes, we went from two sad plants to 16+ that I am now 100% responsible for.

I may be a bit overambitious with this goal. However, I am also overly confident that I will succeed. Those plants are all going to live because I’ve already decided they all will – how’s THAT for confidence? In fact, my confidence pretty much blew a hole in the roof when my sad orchid bloomed this month!! 3 big beautiful blooms on a new stem appeared! To say I was stoked would be an understatement. I practically bragged to Jason about how I not only managed to keep this thing alive, but actually got it to bloom again. He officially retracted my title of Plant Killer!

Also, I made this wreath for the summer to hang on our front door. It cost me a total $7 to make, which is my kind of price tag.

So, are you a Plant Killer? Unashamed, or hiding in the dark about it? It’s alright if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s even okay if that thumb is more of a deathly black. There is hope! If I can keep plants alive there is hope for everyone else out there that wishes they could have house plants.

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