About Me

You wish you were a creative person.

You love your life, but it feels like it’s missing something. You wish it was a bit more original. More vibrant. More colorful.You see all the beautiful things being put out there, and say “I wish I could do that. I wish I was creative/crafty/artistic/talented” You want to find an outlet that settles in your heart permanently, and lets you express yourself with abandon.

I get that. I’ve been there, wishing I could make all the beautiful things I see. Itching to make my life more beautiful than it is. Wanting a life that stood out from the monotony and the expectations. Wishing I had a way to express myself beyond just words.

That’s why this is the best secret to let you in on:
You don’t have to wish to be creative.
You already are.

I’m Torrie, and I have spent my life with a hand in multiple creative pots trying to figure out what my creative voice is. I’ve knitted, sewed, painted, hot-glued, drawn, and nearly everything in between. I finally found my creative voice and haven’t looked back since. I create every single day, and find deep joy in the work I produce.

My passions for creating art and creating community around art making have become a core value in my life. I was able to take the leap of faith by selling my art and reaching out in the art communities to share my passion with others. I became a creative team member for two amazing communities (Get Messy , Dawn Nicole Designs, StencilGirl, Shimmerz Paints, and Roben-Marie Smith), sold my artwork in local shops, launched my own Instagram 30 Day Watercolour Challenge and released some amazing online classes (Hack the Color Wheel and 21 Secrets: Tell Your Story)

I can do that for you too.

My deep belief is that every human on this planet is creative in their soul. We were made to design, create, paint, play, imagine and share our inner artist with the world. It’s just a matter of letting ourselves tap into that resource within us. There is an inner artist/crafter/plant arranger/advanced organizer just dying to be let out. It’s just a matter of taking the time to discover who that inner voice is, and what they’re trying to say.
Through this blog, I aim to help people tap into that inner voice. I share posts to inspire and encourage, take part in monthly challenges to stretch our creative muscles and create artwork to share my passion to create.

I want you to find your creative voice.
Are you ready to find it?
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