DIY Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

August 15, 2012
For mommies out there, you may have heard of the brand of swaddle blankets called aden + anais. They’re made from super light & soft cotton muslin & decorated with adorable patterns.
However, they’re $50 for 4 of them. So $12.50 a piece. I know for some this isn’t a bad price, but for a mommy on a budget (like me) it’s just silly to pay that much for swaddle blankets, especially ones made of thin muslin.
An IG friend (looking at you Jennifer!) posted a pic a month or more ago for a tutorial on how to make your own muslin swaddle blankets that she came across on Pinterest. Of course I needed to know how to make these! She passed on the tutorial and I was as happy as a clam.
The original tutorial is by Miggy at This Little Miggy Stayed Home – you can find it HERE. It is a super straight forward tutorial, and her blanket looks much more designer/fashion-y (a real word?) than mine do. See below:
She also is clearly much better at taking photos of these things than I am.
The cost breakdown on this project was pretty good. I got my mom to pick up some muslin for me in the city and I believe it was on sale for $4 a metre. She grabbed 3 metres for me, so $12 total. I cut my blankets 47″ x 47″ which is the same size as an aiden + anais swaddle blanket and got 2 blankets out of 3 metres (which is like 3.2 something yards). I picked up the fabric paint for $1.99 a bottle in soft pink & turquoise at Michaels. I consider the potato used as a stamp as free šŸ˜‰
In the end the cost of the 2 blankets was just under $16, or $7.99 a blanket. Not like a mind-blowing savings, but it’s still $4.50 cheaper per blanket than the aiden + anais ones. Plus you can put whatever design you want on there. Jennifer did hers with multi-coloured arrows allover & another with clouds on it. I stuck with stars because I honestly wasn’t feeling like trying to carve some crazy stamp to make a fancy design. I figure it’s a baby wearing it, so the pattern isn’t a huge deal to me. (That’s just me though – if someone made awesome patterned ones for me I would love it ha!) All in all, I’m really happy with the blankets. I’m glad I’ll have a variety of weights in swaddle blankets for my little girl. Who knows if she’ll be a hot one or a cold one!
Oh and as an added bonus, I had a strip of fabric leftover that was long & wide enough that I made a nice muslin scarf out of it! It doesn’t really count into the cost, but you get a bonus scarf as well. Hooray!
What baby projects are you tackling at the moment? Or have tackled & loved in the end? I think the next things on my list are a mobile & a cloud pillow…


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