DIY Artsy Christmas Envelopes

December 7, 2016
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It’s the season for sending out Christmas cards to everyone on your list to wish them Happy Holidays and provide your annual photo of the kids. I probably should be actually sending out my Christmas cards instead of sharing all these fun envelope art ideas, but I like to live on the edge! 
Here are 4 super easy artsy ways dress up your Christmas cards envelopes! They are so quick that you can do several at a time and impress everyone on your mailing list with how creative you are! 
1. Abstract Snow Storm
  1. Using a credit card or palette knife, scrape some red paint across your envelope. Add as much or as little as you like!
  2. Add your “snowflakes” by splattering white paint over top.
  3. Add some gold stickers or punch them out of gold tape with a hole puncher. Apply randomly!
  4. Using a white paint pen, address the recipient over top of the red.
2. Winter Forest


  1. Lay down the stencil on the left side of the card, about 1/3 covered.
  2. Using the makeup sponge, dab/scpread the green paint to cover the stencil. Go over with gold in some areas to create variation. Remove the stencil
  3. Use the gold gel pen to address the receipient
  4. Use the Fude Brush pen, or any felt pen, to draw a set of antlers below the address.

3. Frosty Foliage Wreath

  • Kraft paper envelope
  • White acrylic paint
  • Old credit/gift card
  • Tombow Fude Brush Pen



  1.  Use the old credit/gift card to scrape some white paint across the front of the envelope. Dab some smaller marks around the main swipe. Add an extra layer if the paint is not opaque enough.
  2. Using a light pencil, trace a circular object in the size of wreath you’d like to create.
  3. Create leaves, branches and other foliage around the traced circle to create a wintery wreath with the Tombow Fude Brush pen.
  4. Add some extra leaves and berries in the smaller marks.
  5. Address the recipient within the wreath.

4. Holly Jolly Snow


  1. Use the credit/gift card to scrape red paint across the envelope in a large rectangular-ish shape. Go over again with a little bit of gold paint to add contrast.
  2. Use the white paint pen to create snowflakes over top of the red paint area
  3. Address the envelope to your recepient! You may have to go over the lettering twice to get the white opaque enough.
See how easy those are? They’re fast, foolproof and add a little something extra to your Christmas cards this year. These probably aren’t a great idea if you send out like 100 cards, however, if you send quite bit less then this is a fun way to dress up your cards.
Looking for more Christmas stuff? You can get a free set of Scandinavian Folk Art Gift Tags and check out this Gift Guide for Watercolor Artists to shop for the artist you know (and maybe add a few more treats to your list!)


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