DIY Quote Painting

August 7, 2012
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The idea for this painting came about while I was tooling around on Pinterest a few months back (isn’t that how most of our ideas start these days?). The quote, “It is well with my soul” is a line from one of my favourite hymns titled the same. Never heard it? Here’s my favourite version of It Is Well by Kutless.
Anyhow, you could do this painting with any quote you wanted to use.
Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
Total cost: $19.98
First off, I decided how I wanted my lettering & spacing to look. I decided on having it all placed to the right & settled in the bottom corner. I lightly marked out my spacing so that my lines will be straight and evenly spaced. This really helps getting a clean look to the painting. For a 20″ canvas, I divided my canvas into 5 parts that were 4″ tall each. (I failed to take a photo of this step. I was too excited people!)
Next, take I laid down the vinyl letters. Since I wanted my wording as close to the right edge as possible, I started placing those letters first. The textured canvas is hard for the vinyl to adhere to really well, so just rub the letters down to try to get them to stick as best as possible.


Once you have all your letters on there, take a look to make sure you like it all. Also admire how handy you are
Next, go outside or into a very well-ventilated area to paint. I just did mine outside because I’m always so freaked out about over-spray getting on things around my work area.
If you plan on using a light colour to cover your canvas, ensure you erase your light pencil marks before painting. I didn’t need to erase mine because I knew the gold would cover well enough. If you don’t erase those lines, they will eventually show up through your light paint.
Now, hit that bad boy with a very light coat of your paint. These first lighter coats will help those pesky vinyl letters stick down a bit better.
After you’re confident those letters aren’t going to make an escape, spray bomb that thing until you’re happy with the coverage. Don’t forget to spray the edges of your canvas! A very smart art teacher taught me once that a painting is never done unless the edges of the canvas are painted too. Smart man.
Once you’re happy with the paint coverage, stand back and admire your terrific paint job. Now while the paint is still wet, use that Exacto knife to peel the letters off VERY CAREFULLY. You want to take the letters off now so you get very crisp paint lines.




After all the letters are taken off, let the painting dry until it is 100% definitely dry to the touch.


(It suddenly got very windy & I was afraid for my painting, so I brought it inside to dry)
Then hang it in your home where you can see it & love it. This project was super, super simple to do and pretty dang cheap. The vinyl letters & paint will last beyond this project as you won’t need to use up either of them completely. Even still, $20 wall art that YOU made? How can you go wrong?
What quote would you like to display in your home? I’m a huge fan of art/prints that feature quotes.


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