Free Watercolor Floral Skull Printable

October 4, 2016
Free Floral Skull Printable / Fox & Hazel

Has anyone felt like it’s been Halloween season for like a month already? Every store I go to has had it’s Halloween decor out for ages, even so much so that they’ve started putting out Christmas decor. WHAT. I can’t handle it. I can’t shop for tree ornaments 3 weeks before I’ve bought Halloween candy.

At least now it’s actually October, so I can handle the spooky decorations and orange everything starting to ramp up. My kids are still quite young so we don’t do a ton of decorating for holidays (also because I can’t be bothered!) However, I do like to change out the art work in my gallery walls to make them seasonal. I like a little bit of spook with a little bit of lovely, so I painted this sweet skull to capture both. I’ve made it into a free watercolor printable for you guys too so you can add to your walls!

Free Floral Skull Printable / Fox & Hazel

How to use your new floral skull printable:

  1. Download here and save
  2. Print at home in colour or take to local print shop.
  3. Trim art work down to 8×10 size
  4. Put in a frame, tape to the walls, or pin on a bulletin board!
If you’re looking for something just a liiiiiiiittle bit spookier, you can find three more printables over at Dawn Nicole Designs™ to get your house ready for Halloween! Just click on the image below to head over and get them!
Free Floral Skull Printable / Fox & Hazel
I would love to see these prints in action, so please share on Instagram and tag me! It’s always a kick to see my printables in the homes of people. Also, show me your Halloween decor so I can get some ideas – I’m the worst at decorating for anything but Christmas! Share your decor, teach me your ways. I’ll love you forever.


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